Saturday, March 30, 2019

An IGC Training Game from Week 10

While I am still halfway through analyzing my NTU games (and trying to finish my assignments at the same time), I shall digress a little by going through a training game played during last Tuesday's IGC training. It is a good lesson on how to (and not to) exploit weak pawns in the enemy position, while looking out for counterplay from the other side.

Note that this game was reconstructed from memory, so take the analysis with a pinch of salt... not every move might be 100% accurate.

Finally, a bit of trivia that it was my opponent's first time at NUS IGC's training... good to see that more people on campus are becoming aware of our existence (:

Monday, March 18, 2019

NTU Championships 2019: Part 1

The NTU Championships 2019 was arguably my first official tournament of 2019, and the first time I was representing any organisation since 2014 (no, the QCD league doesn't count). Time to say goodbye to the good old days when I was playing for myself, and had nothing to lose...

Nah, I am still a free man.

But I am much happier with the games played that day, compared to my poor performance in the Cairnhill and JB Rapids 2018. Without further ado, here are my games from Rounds 1 - 3:

Image from NTU International Chess Club on Facebook

Game 3 was one of those YOLO games which highlighted my inexperience in making sacrificial attacks ._.

I will share the remaining games in Parts 2 (and 3?)

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