Saturday, July 7, 2018

NUSH Team Chess July 2018

So our juniors had a mini team-chess game last Friday, and with the PGN on the Whatsapp chat, I couldn’t resist taking a look at it. Thankfully, they assured me that it was an absolutely non-serious game… and allowed me to post it here.

Well, troll games shall receive troll comments. Be warned: If you are a chess purist who does not wish to get brain cancer, look away now. The level of trolling in this game is enough to make the toughest chess coaches cry.

Still reading? Alright then. Take this as some relief from the normally serious articles on this blog.

Remember how Kim and Tromp wanted a chess showdown to decide matters during their summit? It finally took place, and what a match it was! A magnificent display of how sometimes, the biggest nuke isn’t always the best:

Tell that to the Russians (Image from Atomic Heritage Foundation)

So Tromp walks away from the summit, satisfied that he had gained the upper hand by bullying his bad-hair counterpart into destroying his nukes. That is, until it turns out that Rocket Man is not only not removing them, but developing more nukes in secret

And play a troll game


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