Sunday, May 6, 2018

Candidates Tournament 2018 Highlights: Part 3

We finish off our Candidates Tournament series by looking at the last few rounds. If the earlier games were dramatic, then the last few rounds were reaching fever pitch, as more blood was shed in desperate efforts to score those final, valuable wins.

Round 12 saw the tournament being blown wide open as Sergey Karjakin defeated Fabio Caruana to catch him in first place. This was also an incredible comeback for the former, who started poorly with 2.5/7 in the first half of the tournament.

An amazing comeback by Karjakin

Watch how Karjakin deals Caruana his first defeat in this tournament with the nice exchange sacrifice 17. Bxd5:

The same round saw another decisive game: Ding Liren scored his first win in the tournament against Shakriyar Mamedyarov, using an unstoppable queenside pawn majority:

Ding wins his first game in the tournament

With the tournament blown open in Round 12, four contenders had good chances to earn the challenger rights: Caruana, Karjakin, Ding Liren and Mamedyarov. Even Kramnik had a theoretical, albeit low, chance. The final two rounds were gearing up to be hotly contested fights.

Eventually, it was Caruana who emerged victorious from the mess, beating Alexander Grischuk in the final round to win the tournament by a full point:

With that, we round up our coverage of one of the most thrilling chess events in 2018. Congratulations to Caruana for earning his right to the World Chess Championship 2018, and here’s to more exciting games between Carlsen and Caruana in November!

History has been written, and will continue to keep doing so

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