Thursday, December 7, 2017

Random Games, Random Opportunities

With more time on my hands, it is a good period to clear the backlog of unanalyzed games in my database. Here I will show three friendly games played during the various meetups throughout the semester.

Game 1: The curse of isolated pawns

Our first game was a seemingly peaceful, casual game during NUS IGC training… until my training partner pointed out how close I was to scoring a win from an isolated-pawn position.

Put the following position in a puzzle, and it shouldn’t be difficult to spot the winning combination:

Now see the actual game and wonder how I manage to throw away such a nice position:

What can we learn from this game?
  • Being cautious is good, but too cautious makes you miss chances
  • Avoid hanging your own pieces, or they may be the target of potential tactics
  • When playing an advantageous position, don’t make your opponent’s life easier by exchanging off key attacking pieces!

Game 2: The curse of backward pawns

So how salty was I over that missed chance in Game 1? Very, but not as much as the next game, where what looked like a completely winning position for Black turned into an equal fight, and concluded as a dreadful blunder. Admittedly it was a 15+10 rapid game where anything could happen, but still, the saltiness is high in this one:

I'm sorry, I will work hard to redeem myself!

 What can we learn from this game?
  • Time-trouble is a b***h
  • At the rate that I am throwing away won games, it is probably time to write a 2nd edition of my Chess Patzers articles.
  • To play against backward pawns, first prevent them from advancing by fixing them with your own pawns, before using the square in front of them as “outposts” for your pieces

Game 3: The curse blessing of the Greek Gift!

Is it time to redeem myself? Here is a third game from the Asia Square meetup, and thankfully, this time I DID spot the winning blow!

It ain't everyday you get to send gifts like this!

A game well-played, but I will still need to go back and work harder on tactics. Until the next game, then!

By Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo - Own work, Public Domain,

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