Sunday, June 4, 2017

Diary of a Chess Patzer: Part 2

In Part 1 all the comedies we saw came from rapid tournaments, where brilliancies and blunders are commonplace. So my mistakes should be forgivable, made under time pressure, right?. And this shouldn’t occur the same way in correspondence chess, where one has all the time in the world to calculate. Or could it?

I have selected three recent, memorable failures from my correspondence games. Once again, when you see them you cannot help but question what exactly was I thinking when I made those blunders?

I was... experimenting

We have seen showcases of tactical, strategic and endgame inadequacies in our first three games. What have we left out? Why, the opening, of course!

Maybe next time someone writes an opening book, the above can be a prime example of what happens when you neglect your development. Sobs.

But what can be more agonizing than having a completely winning position, only to blow it up with seemingly insignificant oversights? A game where one has two rooks on the seventh rank should be something that you can win with your eyes closed… unless you’re me, that is.

And not once, but twice! After the above game I had a rematch with my esteemed opponent, who again escaped defeat with some unintended help from me. Déjà vu, by yours truly:

Here we go, two instructive examples of how NOT to play with your rook on the seventh rank. A reminder that one should not be so afraid of non-existent ghosts, especially since it wasn’t even the Seventh Month when I played those games…

"Somebody called us?"

That’s not all that I’ve got! I’ve saved a couple of the most epic comedies for Part 3, so stay tuned (:

To be continued…

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