Thursday, January 26, 2017

Chinese New Year Presents 2017: Test your Trivia 2

It's been more than 2 years since I last had a Test your Trivia. But rather than giving the usual puzzles, I decided to try out something new for CNY here: 15 questions (and one bonus puzzle) designed to test your knowledge of chess history and current affairs. How much chess trivia do you know?

And while you are looking at the questions, I take this time to wish everyone health and prosperity, and a happy Lunar New Year!

1. The World Chess Championship 2016 saw a historic clash between two chess legends. Who were they?

(a) Magnus Carlsen and Viswanathan Anand
(b) Vladimir Kramnik and Veselin Topalov
(c) Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and Garry Kasparov
(d) Sergei Karjakin and Magnus Carlsen

2. At the end of said championship match, how many points did the winner lead by?

(a) 3
(b) 2
(c) 1
(d) He won by tiebreakers

3. Take a look at the following diagram. Which famous game did it originate from?

Position 1: Position after 29... Qe7

(a) Anderssen vs Kieseritzky, London 1851
(b) Botvinnik vs Capablanca, AVRO 1938
(c) Kasparov vs Topalov, Wijk aan Zee 1999
(d) Carlsen vs Karjakin, New York 2016

4. What reply did White give to 29... Qe7 in the above game?

(a) 30. Ba3
(b) 30. Ne2
(c) 30. Nf5+
(d) 30. Kf2

5. In the FIDE elections 2014, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov defeated his opponent by a wide vote margin to retain the FIDE presidency. Who was the opposing candidate?

(a) Florencio Campomanes
(b) Anatoly Karpov
(c) Garry Kasparov
(d) Ignatius Leong

6. Who was the first official World Champion?

(a) Paul Morphy
(b) Wilhelm Steinitz
(c) Emanuel Lasker
(d) Aron Nimzowitsch

7. Refer to Question 6. What idea did said World Champion contribute to chess thinking?

(a) Slowly acquiring strategic advantages to improve one's position
(b) Sacrificing pieces to attack the castled king
(c) Controlling the centre with pieces from a distance
(d) Placing the rook behind an enemy pawn in the endgame

8. The 42nd World Chess Olympiad was held in Baku, Azerbaijan from 1-14 September 2016. Which country won the open section of the Olympiad?

(a) China
(b) Russia
(c) USA
(d) Armenia

9. In no particular order, name the players of the winning team from Question 8.

10. Who is the chessplayer in the following picture?

(a) Tigran Petrosian
(b) Max Euwe
(c) Boris Spassky
(d) Mikhail Tal

11. What is said chessplayer from Question 10 most famous for?

(a) Sacrificing pieces to create sharp, tactical attacks
(b) Inpenetrable defensive play
(c) Superior opening preparation
(d) Winning the World Championship 3 times

12. Which chessplayer holds the current record (as of January 2017) for becoming the world's youngest Grandmaster?

(a) Wei Yi
(b) Sergei Karjakin
(c) Magnus Carlsen
(d) Garry Kasparov

13. Name the winners of the World Rapid and Blitz Championships 2016 (open section) respectively

(a) Magnus Carlsen and Magnus Carlsen
(b) Wesley So and Levon Aronian
(c) Vasily Ivanchuk and Sergei Karjakin
(d) Fabio Caruana and Veselin Topalov

14. Which of these Grandmasters defected from the Soviet Union?

(a) Tigran Petrosian
(b) Viktor Korchnoi
(c) Mikhail Botvinnik
(d) David Bronstein

15. 50. Qh6+! I wonder which game did this position originate from?

Position 2: Position after 50. Qh6+

(a) Morphy vs Duke of Brunswick and Count Isouard, Paris 1858
(b) Rapport vs Carlsen, Wijk Aan Zee 2017
(c) Carlsen vs Karjakin, World Championship 2016 Tiebreakers
(d) Donald Byrne vs Robert Fischer, Rosenwald Memorial 1956

16. Bonus Question! White to move and mate in 8

Enjoy the pineapple tarts, and all the best for your chessplaying endeavours in the year ahead!

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  1. Answers:
    1. (d)
    2. (d) Carlsen defeated Karjakin 3.5-1.5 in the tiebreakers to retain the championship title
    3. (b) The game was often labelled as "Botvinnik's Immortal"
    4. (a) White sacrificed a bishop to clear the way for the passed pawn. After 30. Ba3! Qxa3 31. Nh5+! gxh5 32. Qg5+ Kf8 33. Qxf6+ Black's king was already as good as dead.
    5. (c) In a highly controversial election, Ilyumzhinov defeated Kasparov by a vote margin of 110-61
    6. (b)
    7. (a) He introduced the concept of positional play at a time when other players emphasized sharp, aggressive and sacrificial play.
    8. (c)
    9. Fabio Caruana, Hikaru Nakamura, Wesley So, Sam Shankland, Ray Robson
    10. (d)
    11. (a) Hence he was known as the "Magician from Riga"!
    12. (b) Karjakin attained the GM title at the age of 12 years 7 months
    13. (c)
    14. (b) Korchnoi defected to the Netherlands in 1976
    15. (c) The queen sacrifice was a fitting end to Carlsen's victory in the World Championship 2016.