Saturday, March 19, 2016

Pi Day: Solutions

The holidays are ending so let's get this done:

Position 1: Black to move and mate in 2

This one is easy, if you take into account underpromotion: 1... c1=N+ 2. Kc3 b4#


Position 2: White to move and mate in 6

I love this puzzle. Even though I have seen Philidor Legacy puzzles several times, the elegance of this combination never fails to impress me.


Position 3: White to move and draw

This one is not easy; if you can see White's entire combination from start to finish, give yourself a pat on the back. At first glance White has no way to stop the enemy pawn's promotion, while his own pawn can be easily stopped. However, it turns out whether Black's pawn can promote or not makes no difference to the outcome of the game!

Hope you enjoyed the puzzles! (:

Sources: Tactics Trainer

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