Saturday, February 20, 2016

Valentine's Day Presents: Solutions

I have given enough time for these puzzles, so let's get started:

Puzzle 1: White to move

White is two rooks up. Black, however, can threaten perpetual check with Qb5+ and Qg1+. White can only keep his king on g1 and f1, otherwise he faces checkmate on e2/g2.

However, White can sacrifice a rook to lure Black's queen away from b5. After 1. Rc4! Qxc4+ 2. Kg1 there is no more check, with 3. Qg1 to follow. White can win easily since he is still a rook up.


Puzzle 2: Black to move and win

Black has a discovered attack on White's queen, while White's king is hemmed in by his pawns. This gives rise to mating opportunities for Black:


Faragó, Pál
Pesti Napló 1899
Puzzle 3: White to move and mate in 3

White is clearly down in material, and promoting to an queen with 1. g8=Q? fails to 1... Be6+. However, he can promote to a knight with check!

1. g8N+ Kh5

1... Kh7 2. Ng5+ Kh8 3. Ng6#

2. Ngf6+ Kh4

2. ...Kh6 3. Neg8#

3. Ng6#


And if you thought promoting to a knight was mind-blowing enough, wait till you see the solution to the final problem:

Puzzle 4: White to move and win


Not everyday that you get to underpromote to a minor piece, eh?

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