Sunday, October 25, 2015

Exam Break Part 1 (Solutions)

It's been a week since I last posted this, so let's get cracking:

Position 1: White to move

Black's Queen is in an awkward position, and White can trap it.

1. Rdxb4

If 1. Rbxb4? then 1... Bc6 defends the a4 square.

1... Bc6

Defending a4. The other variations also win for White:1... Qa5 2. Rxb7 or 1... Bc8 2. Ra4 Bg4 3. Rxa2 Bxd1 4. Rxd1

2. Ra1 Qxa1
3. Qxa1

White wins.

Position 2: White to move

Position 2 involves a simple fork together with the removal of a defender: 1. Nxd4 (1. Qa4+? hoping for 2. Qxa6 fails after 1... Bb5! and the bishop is protected by the knight. Hence, White must eliminate the defending knight). Qxd4 and now White can play 2. Qa4+! winning the bishop.

Position 3: Black to move and mate in 3

This one is easy; all Black needs to do is play 1... Qh1+ 2. Ke2 Nf4+ 3. exf4 with the deadly double check 3... Bc4#

I told you they were easy, weren't they?

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