Monday, August 10, 2015

Golden Jubilee Presents: Solution

No dallying around on the last day of the long weekend; here goes:

Position 1: White to move and win

This is a simple tactical combination of a deflection + discovered check. After 1. Qh8+ Ke7 (deflecting the king onto the e7 square for the killer move) 2. Bd2+! Kd7 3. Qh3+ White wins the Queen.

Position 2: White to move and draw

At first glance it seems that White is losing: He is too far from Black's pawn while Black is only two squares away from capturing White's pawn. However, he can create some magic using a familiar incantation that we have gone through not long ago: Reti's Tightrope Motif.

By approaching both pawns at the same time, the draw is quickly sealed:

1... h5
2. Kb4!

Reti's Motif: White approaches both pawns at the same time, threatening to either catch Black's pawn or escort his own pawn to promotion.

2... Kb6

2... h4 and White goes over to escort his own pawn: 3. Kc5 h3 4. Kd6 h2 5. c7 Kb7 6. Kd7 and White's pawn promotes.

3. Kc4 h4

If 3... Kxc6 then 4. Kd4 stepping into the square of the pawn.

4. Kd5 Kc7

Once again 4... h3 5. Kd6 h2 6. c7 draws.

5. Ke4 h3
6. Kf3

Catching the enemy pawn. Draw.

Position 3: Black to move and draw

This is a slightly tricky position, because mixing up the order of moves can make the difference between draw and defeat! Black can create a stalemate trap here but he must be careful:

1... b2!

Forcing White's bishop onto the long diagonal, cutting off more squares from the Black king. Mixing up the order of moves can be deadly: White wins after 1... Nf4+? 2. Qxf4 b2 3. Qe5! (Black was hoping for 3. Bxb2? g6+ with stalemate on next move.) 3... bxc1=Q?? 4. Qe8#)

2. Bxb2

If 2. Qe8+ Black draws with 2... Nf8 3. Qxf8+ (3. Bxb2 g6+ 4. Kh6 Stalemate.) 3... Kxf8 4. Bxb2 Kf7 and White cannot make any progress so long as Black keeps his king on f7 and his bishop on the b1-h7 diagonal.

2... Nf4+
3. Qxf4

3. Kh4? Ng2+ and suddenly White is the one in trouble!

3... g6+
4. Kh6



With the tourneys at Rulang and Queenstown coming up, I suppose your CCA training will be ratched up tenfold. In that case, all the best, guys!

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