Sunday, June 14, 2015

Challenge yourselves: Rook endgame practice 6

Enjoying your holidays? Well, time for me to throw y'all another rook endgame challenge. By now, some of you might have forgotten about Lucena, Vancura, and all the other details we have discussed, so do look through them again from time to time by visiting this link. In the meantime, this challenge might help to refresh some memories and further add to your rook endgame prowess.

Position 1: White to move and win

Note: Positions 2 and 3 are related.

Position 2: Black to move, can he save the game?

Position 3: How about this?

Finally a slightly more challenging one:

Position 4: White just played 1. g3. Can Black win?

As usual, I will go through the positions next week. Have fun! (:

"Silman's Complete Endgame Course" by Jeremy Silman
"Chess Endgame Training" by Bernd Rosen

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