Friday, December 5, 2014

Rook endgames: The journey so far (Part 2)

If you've been following me all these while in our study of rook endgames, then congratulations: You have truly come a long way. From starting out with the simple Lucena/Philidor positions before moving all the way to the concept of active play in our most recent article, we have managed to amass a sizeable amount of basics that will aid us well in our gameplay.

Let us wrap up what we have been learning so far:


Lucena and Philidor Positions:

File denial and Tarrasch's Rule:

Active vs Passive rooks:

Lucena and Philidor variants

"Lucena" with a rook pawn:

Pawn on the 5th rank:

Pawn on the 4th rank Part 1:

Pawn on the 4th rank Part 2:

Pawn on the 4th rank Part 3:

The Inverse Philidor:

Vancura , 7th rank pawn, and related variants

The Vancura Position:

Passive rook + Pawn on 7th rank (Part 1):

Passive rook + Pawn on 6th rank:

Passive rook + Pawn on 7th rank (Part 2):

Passive rook + Pawn on 7th rank (Part 3):

Rook vs Lone Pawn/Connected Pawns

Rook vs Lone Pawn (Part 1):

Rook vs Lone Pawn (Part 2):

Rook vs Lone Pawn (Pawn 3, Saavedra Position):

Rook vs Lone Pawn (Part 4):

Rook vs Connected Passed Pawns (Part 1):

Rook vs Connected Passed Pawns (Part 2):

Rook vs Connected Passed Pawns (Part 3):

Rook endgames with more than one pawn

Rook vs Rook + Connected Passed Pawns:

Two vs One:

Three vs Two (Part 1):

Three vs Two (Part 2):

Four vs Three:


Well it is amazing to see how far we've come! But of course, simply memorizing all these positions isn't enough. Chess is very much like science: You've got to be able to apply your knowledge in a variety of situations.

Know, but can you apply?

That means that I will be posting even more rook endgame positions in future articles so that y'all can learn how to apply your basics. So hold on tight, because our journey is going to get even more exciting!

"Silman's Complete Endgame Course" by Jeremy Silman
"Chess Endgame Training" by Bernd Rosen
"A Guide to Chess Endings" by Max Euwe

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