Monday, September 8, 2014

Term 3 tactical presents (Part 4)

AMK is barely 3 days away! Let's all prepare by training our tactical skills as much as we can!

Once again, here are 8 puzzles of mixed difficulty for y'all to try out. As I have always said, it's not about how much time you spend per day on training; it's how often you do it. Really, 10-15 minutes per day working on puzzles is good enough if you're simply too busy.

Position 1: Black to move

Position 2: White to move

Position 3: Black to move and mate in 4

Position 4: White to move

Position 5: White to move

Position 6: Black to move and mate in 2

Position 7: Black to move

Finally, here's a position from one of my tournament games: I was White, and both my and my opponent had less than 5 minutes each on our clocks. It is my turn to move; can I hold a draw in this position?

Position 8: White to move, can he draw?

Have fun, and all the best! (:

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