Thursday, June 5, 2014

June Holiday Presents (Part 1)

I believe that some of you might get drunk and start forgetting all your tactics during the term break, so in order to sober you up again I have decided to post more freebies for everyone through the course of this month.

For a start here are 8 (very easy) presents for y'all to try out:

Puzzle 1: White to move

Puzzle 2: White to move and mate in 5

Puzzle 3: Black to move

Puzzle 4: Black to move

Puzzle 5: White to move

Puzzle 6: Black to move

Puzzle 7: White to move

Puzzle 8: Black to move and draw

Have fun! (:


  1. Puzzle 1: Bb5 Qxb5
    Nxc7 family fork hehe
    Puzzle 2: Qxh7 Kxh7
    Rh1+ Qh2
    Rxh2 Bh4
    Rxh4 Kg8
    Puzzle 3: Nxf3+ Free queen
    Puzzle 4: Rxf2 Qxf2
    Qb6+ skewer
    Puzzle 5: Nxg7 Bxg7 (if Nd4 then Ne8 discovered attack free queen)
    Puzzle 6: b4 free bishop
    Puzzle 7: Nxf7 Ng5
    Qxg5 d5
    Nxd8 Bxg5
    Puzzle 8: Rxg2+ Kh1
    Rxh2+ Kg1
    Qg2+ Kxh2
    Queen spam check draw

    1. Scrub sorry only saw this now yep you're correct (: