Thursday, April 10, 2014

Challenge yourselves: The Inverse Philidor

Before we go off to prep for our exams, let me issue y'all one last challenge:

Meet our old friend!

Yes, it's the old friend that has been causing y'all so much pain over the last few weeks: The Philidor Position! Of course we all know (well I hope you STILL know, otherwise here goes: that if it were Black to move he draws easily with 1... Rh6, cutting the White king off from the 6th rank.

But what happens if it were White to move instead? Then he destroys Black's plans with a timely 1. Rg6, grabbing the 6th rank for himself and preparing to advance the pawn. Sounds like it's time for Black to resign...

Or is it? Surprisingly, Black can still draw here, though it is definitely not as straightforward as the original Philidor. Anyways, have fun trying to solve the Inverse Philidor: White to move, Black to draw! (:

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