Monday, March 24, 2014

Rook Endgames: The journey so far

Before we continue on, let us consolidate what we've learned so far in our rook endgame journey. If you've missed out any of the content that we've covered, the links are all below for your convenience:


The building blocks that form an integral part of our rook endgame education, and we are all expected to know the ins and outs of these basics by now.

Lucena and Philidor Positions:

File denial and Tarrasch's Rule:

Active vs Passive rooks:


"Lucena" with a rook pawn:

Connected passed pawns:

The Vancura Position Part 1:

The Vancura Position Part 2:

Pawn on the 5th rank:

Pawn on the 4th rank Part 1:

Pawn on the 4th rank Part 2:

Pawn on the 4th rank Part 3:


So perhaps you may think that by now, immersing yourself in this ocean of information must have left you with a considerable amount of rook endgame knowledge. And the good news is: Yes, if you've managed to master all that has been presented above, then your rook endgame skills will be enough for you to outplay many others at the tournament level, and you will no longer feel as helpless when entering the endgame.

The bad news is: Our knowledge of rook endgames is still very much in its infancy. Seriously, the realm of rook endgames is just so vast and boundless that the content above doesn't even cover 50% of it. So that means that we still have a long way to go before we can achieve dominance in heavy artillery. Hold on tight, my brothers!

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