Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lunar New Year Challenge

Now before any of us gets a hangover from our LNY drinking spree, I am going to issue a new challenge for the upcoming holidays. Look at the following position:

White to move, can he win?

White is a pawn up, and it is only two files away from promotion. However, his rook is in a bad position: According to the Tarrasch rule, having your rook in front of a passed pawn is usually not a good thing. On the other hand, Black's rook is more active (remember the concept of active vs passive rooks!) and hovers around the White pawn like a hawk watching its prey.

All these make it sound like Black has serious drawing chances... or can White save the full point? I'll leave this as a challenge for y'all to try through the LNY break. As usual, if you think you have the answer feel free to comment below.

And also, does the outcome (win or draw) change if it were Black to move instead?

Have fun!

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