Friday, January 3, 2014

Can you win this?

While y'all are still drunk from yesterday's orientation, let's sober up again with a short diversion from our discussion on rook endgames. Take a look at the following position below:

White to move

White is a Queen up, so he should win easily, right? And yes-- White can win in this position, but the method is not as straightforward as that of a conventional queen mate. Black's pawn is on the verge of promotion, so be careful!

Here's the twist: We're NOT going to learn the winning method for White right now. I'm going to let y'all try to find the winning strategy by yourselves-- once you've figured it out, feel free to comment below! I'll go through the position sometime later in the school year, and how to win it.

And if you've found out the winning method, then congratulations-- your reward for all the hard work you've put in is... more work. Look at the position below:

What happened!?

Nothing happened; I just displaced the Black king and pawn by one square, that's all! Can White still win here? (Assume it's still White to move)

Once again, if you've figured out the answer, feel free to comment below. I'll go through both positions later on when we've time.

Have fun!

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