Saturday, November 23, 2013

Carlsen vs Anand, the aftermath

Firstly, congrats to Carlsen on his victory yesterday. I know most of you are supporters of him, so you must be feeling really great.

Just don't catch a cold, yeah?

But yeah, by now (after all those posts I've made on FB) it should be obvious to you that I'm an Anand fan. And if you ask me why I support him, my reply would be that... I'm really not sure. It just so happened that while I was watching the matches, I had this unexplainable feeling that I wanted Anand to win.

And of course I've been disappointed 3 times. The first time Anand was completely outplayed. The second time he made a bad mistake in the endgame, and the third time he just blundered altogether.

"At the end of the day my play in the match was a big disappointment. I didn't manage to achieve any of the things I tried to aim for."
-- Vishy Anand

May be indeed a great disappointment for both Anand as well as all chess fans in India. But at the end of the day, what matters is whether he can pick himself up after this defeat and move on with his career. Because after all that's what chess-- or in matter or fact, any other sport-- is all about. While the desire to win is an important one, it's a fact that you cannot win all the time in life; sometimes, you lose. And chess teaches you to cope with these losses, and turn them into valuable lessons for your future games.

"Vishy has been the world champion for so long, one of the greatest of all time. I'm honored to have played the match with him and of course very, very happy to have gotten the better of him. I really hope he'll be back in the Candidates."
-- Magnus Carlsen

And of course, Carlsen's next critical test will come up in no time-- whether he can defend his title as long as, if not longer, than Anand has successfully defended it.


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