Sunday, October 20, 2013

Random tactics

Before I go on a two week lull and leave y'all to prep for you exams, let's have some more simple tactical training today.

The following 8 (simple) puzzles consist of random tactical motifs and combinations, similar to what you'll be experiencing in a real tournament. It'll be up to you to find and execute them.

So here goes:

Puzzle 1: We'll start with an opening mate in 2 for White

Puzzle 2: Black to move

Puzzle 3: White to mate in 4 with a familiar motif!

Puzzle 4: Black to move and win... be careful!

Puzzle 5: Find that simple winning move for Black

Puzzle 6: White to move and exploit Black's lack of development

Puzzle 7: Use a combination of motifs to let Black mate in 3

Finally, I threw in this composed mate-in-2 just for fun-- it also exploits a simple tactical motif, but not as straightforward as before! Attempt if you have the time:

Puzzle 8: White to move and mate in 2

And thus I leave y'all to concentrate for your exams, so there will be no posts for the next two weeks. All the best! (:


  1. 1st Bxf7
    2nd Re8+?? not sure
    3rd Nc7+
    4th Qxe3?
    5th Rg8
    6th Ng3
    7th Qg2+

    1. 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th and 7th are correct

      2nd: 1... Re8 is strong but 1... Qd5 is better (threatening 2... Qxd4, if White plays 2. Ne2 then 2... Nd3#

      4th: After 1... Qxe3 2. fxe3 e2 3. h6 (threatening 4. Qxg7#) how does Black respond?

  2. 4th: f1(N)+ fork turn capture queen