Monday, September 30, 2013

The fork/double attack

It's back to tactics today! Over here are more 8 more (simple) puzzles illustrating the basic theme of forks/double attacks:

Puzzle 1: Let's get started with Black to move

Puzzle 2: White to move

Puzzle 3: A simple decoy is key to White's plans

Puzzle 4: Another decoy sacrifice...for Black!

Puzzle 5: Black to move and exploit an overloaded rook

Puzzle 6: This isn't an error! Now it's White to move!

Puzzle 7: Black to move... not so straightforward this time!

Puzzle 8: White to move and finish things off

Have fun! (:


  1. 1st Rg3+
    2nd Nxd7
    3rd e7+
    4th Bxf2
    7th Re1+
    8th Nd5
    i dont know 5th and 6th

    1. Correct (:
      Puzzle 5: 1... Rxe1+ overloading the d1 rook
      Puzzle 6: 1. Rxe2 Bxe2 2. Qc2 threatening 3. Qxh7# and 3. Qxe2